Shopping for a mattress is easy when you need a standard size, but what do you do when your needs go beyond what is readily available on the market? Whether you need a custom made mattress for your RV, boat, plane or a round bed, custom mattresses are designed to suit your exact requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and a great night’s sleep. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different awkward situations that a custom mattress solves and how to choose a mattress that fits your needs.

1. RVs and Campers

When you need at-home comfort on the road, it is essential that you invest in the right mattress for your RV or camper. Whether you only hit the road occasionally, or you are a full-time traveler, sleeping well will ensure you are ready and alert for the next day of driving and in great spirits. The problem with many RVs is that their mattresses are often hard and uncomfortable. A lightweight, latex foam custom RV mattress is the answer.

2. Boats

Who says life on the ocean waves can’t be comfortable? While it’s true that space is at a premium on most marine craft, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to choosing a good-quality mattress. A custom-cut latex foam mattress for boats is one of the best options for boats as it will not crumble or disintegrate over time when exposed to mild moisture. In addition to a custom boat mattress, you might also want to consider a waterproof cover to add further protection to your mattress.

3. Planes

In the past, unless you were prepared to pay a premium rate for premium travel (complete with private cabins and beds), sleeping on an airplane was never really a comfortable experience. Today, thanks to consumer demand and advances in mattress design and materials, custom airplane mattresses can be made and installed that ensure passengers can catch some shut-eye on the red-eye and wake refreshed and ready to explore their next destination.

4. Diesel Trucks

When you are driving heavy or hazardous loads across the country, you need to have your wits about you at all times. That means getting a good night’s sleep between truck stops. Driver fatigue is a serious problem and one that a comfortable, custom mattress can help to avoid. No matter what size truck bed mattress you require, a custom mattress service will fit out your rig so that you have all the comforts of home while out on the road.

6. Round and Antique Beds

There are many beds on the market that push the boundaries of furniture design or which were made years before standard sizing became the norm. Whether you have chosen a quirky round bed for your home or you have inherited an antique bed frame that is simply too good to pass up, a custom mattress can be made to fit your bed perfectly. Using your exact measurements and your foam preference, a custom mattress company can create a mattress that is cut to the exact size and shape of your bed.

7. Horse Trailers

Traveling to horse events often requires hours of driving, early mornings and long days. Getting plenty of sleep is essential. If you are lucky enough to own a horse trailer with its own living quarters, you may have noticed that the mattress is not as comfortable as it could be. A custom horse trailer mattress is the perfect solution and can be made to fit the space you have available perfectly.

How to Take Exact Measurements for Your Custom Mattress

To ensure a perfect fit, it is essential that you take accurate measurements when ordering your custom mattress. Follow the instructions below before using our custom mattress builder: Using a tape measure, take the measurements of the widest width and the longest length. If you have an oddly shaped mattress (for example, round), speak to our team for details on how to take measurements. Also, note down the height of your mattress, especially if you are fitting a new mattress in an area with low ceiling clearance or a low headboard.

Custom Mattresses the Tochta Way

You might have a difficult space to fill, but that doesn’t mean choosing a custom mattress needs to be a difficult experience. When you order a custom mattress from Tochta, you can rest assured that your new mattress will be created to your exact requirements. We give you the freedom to choose any shape, size or thickness and we’ll deliver your mattress to you in less than two weeks. Oh, and shipping is absolutely free and our 100-night free trial allows you to return your mattress if you are not completely satisfied. All of our custom mattresses are made using latex form and meet or exceed the Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR Parts 1633 and 1632. In the event of a fire, the fire barrier within the mattress will slow down the combustion process and the progress of the fire. Each mattress is also moisture resistant, so perfect for situations where water or moisture in the air is present. Don’t lose sleep over finding a mattress for an awkward situation. The answer is right here and at Tochta we would be delighted to help you to get a good night’s sleep no matter where life takes you.