“I absolutely LOVE our new mattress! I can’t believe what a HUGE difference it is from what was in our RV before. Should have done this a long time ago!”

Earl H. – Mason City, Iowa

“We bought a really nice RV, but the mattress that was in it before was horrible. We never considered what the mattress was like until we slept on it and realized how bad it was. Then we had a hard time finding the right size because evidently, RV’s have different sizes than our house. SO GLAD we came across Tochta’s website. Super easy site to navigate, and we got our mattress in less than 1 week. It’s hard to believe that such a comfortable mattress can come in a box, but it’s true. We’re going to replace the mattress in our sofa sleeper too.”

Tyler R. – San Antonio, TX

“WOW! A really great mattress! We got the “Utopia” model, and it is absolutely heavenly! Night and day difference from before. Really easy ordering process too. Highly recommend!”

Jimi M. – New Yorka

“My husband and I both LOVE our new mattress! It’s been such a great decision to go with tochta. The mattress that used to be our trailer was so pathetic. I figured anything would be better, but I was blown away at HOW MUCH BETTER this mattress was. I’m also a little surprised that both my husband and I like it so much. We usually have different preferences, but the model we chose (Utopia) was spot on for both of us. I think it’s important to give credit where credit is due, and this company is doing it right.”

Beverly M. – Ann Arbor, MI

“Had a weird size. Found the site. Entered the dimensions. Got my price. Chose the model that looked best for me (I got the Cortana). BOOM! 6 days later it was at my door. I’m really impressed, and that’s not easy to do with me.”

Charles – Destin, FL

“There seem to be a lot of these mattress in a box companies, but I couldn’t find anyone else who could get me the right size for my RV, until I found Tochta. Nice looking site. Super easy to order. We got a “short queen” size for our trailer. We were surprised how much cheaper it was from anyone else, even for our special size. We love the bed, and have already recommended it to our friends.”

Vince G. – Portland, OR

“We replaced the bunk beds and sofa bed in our Fleetwood. What a big difference from before. The new mattresses feel like a much higher quality. They feel like they have much more substance so they don’t “bottom out” like our old beds. It’s make a big difference for our friends and family who use those beds.”

Damien N. – Los Angeles, CA

“We looked all over for a new mattress for our Bounder. Prices were crazy high and nobody could seem to get it to us in less than 3 weeks. It didn’t seem like any of the stores we went to could get what we needed. So glad we found tochta. Super impressed with the price, speed of delivery, and quality. I own a business and I can tell when a company cares about their brand and it’s customers. I’ll always support American made products from companies like this. Good job guys.”

Chris B. – Seattle, WA