HyPUR-FLO Moisture Protection


Especially useful for RV and truckers to solve the issues of mold, mildew, and dampness.

HyPUR-Flow is designed to prevent moisture build-up underneath your mattress. It will elevate your mattress about 1/2 inches to create unobstructed air flow which will help prevent condensation & moisture, keep the bottom of your mattress dry, while allowing any potential moisture to evaporate.

Benefits of HyPUR-FLO™

  • Custom made to any size and/or shape that you need
  • Unobstructed airflow underneath your mattress
  • Eliminates the worry of mold & mildew under your mattress
  • Strong & durable (will support weights of all people)
  • Lightweight, flexible, and easily maneuverable
  • Long lasting and durable (will not lose it’s shape)
  • Unnoticeably effective (you won’t feel it under your mattress, but it will still be there doing it’s job)
  • Works in all temperatures (extreme hot or cold climates have no negative effects)
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