The suppliers of our primary component in making mattresses (foam) have production facilities that have been severely impacted by the recent frigid temperatures experienced along the Gulf of Mexico between Texas and Louisiana.   Essentially, the severe weather has immediately closed numerous chemical refineries, creating a new wave of industry force majeure announcements.  These unexpected closures have eliminated much needed production along with creating extreme logistical challenges for the entire industry.  The challenge ahead is for these facilities to repair and test for safety before resuming operations.  We’re told this could take 2-4 months, and even then they would not be at full capacity.

The affects from this are that we are currently receiving between 0% and 20% of our needed supply!

Because of this, we are forced to temporarily shut down orders on our site (  We can assure you, this is the very last thing we would ever want to do.  We will be monitoring things closely and will activate our site periodically when we receive enough inventory to produce our fantastic custom mattresses again.  The industry is still searching for answers as to how long this will last, but it’s probably that it could last well into the Summer.  Again,  we will activate our site when supply allows but we will not know until the moment it happens, so questions via email or phone calls will not be able to be answered (We realize that sounds pretty blunt, but it’s the way it is).

For those who are interested in a further description of the foam crisis, here is a link to a blog post which explains it fairly well.

We can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to provide an incredible custom mattress for you, and hope to be back to normal operations as soon as it’s possible!