The Best Places To Travel In Your RV In The Winter

One of the best ways to travel in the winter part of the year is by RV. Whether you rent, buy, or borrow an RV, it is a great way to travel that allows you to see so much of the country. Another real benefit of RV travel is that it allows you to stay unpacked and move around. This way, you don’t need to worry about coordinating hotel stays and re-packing luggage.

There are many things you can do to ensure that you are perfectly comfortable during RV travel. Some of these improvements include buying a high-quality RV mattress. With comfort and convenience on your side, an RV is a great way to travel.

Let’s take a look at some of the very best places to travel in your RV this winter.Beach Destinations<

Hadley’s Point, Maine

Found on the most northern part of Mount Desert Island, Hadley’s Point has everything that you’ll need in order to enjoy an RV holiday this winter.

In many ways, Hadley’s Point is a haven for those who love to travel, with a beautiful public saltwater beach, Acadia National Parks with a visitor center, and downtown Bar Harbor. This is a quiet and family-friendly location, and it has all of the aspects to make for a perfect vacation.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

If you would prefer to vacation alongside the country’s most beautiful white-sand beaches, Gulf Shores in Alabama should be at the top of your vacation spot list! Here, you will find the perfect combination of sunshine, history, and culture, and plenty of unspoiled beauty that you can really get into.

Gulf Shore beaches are some of the best beaches in the country, and somewhat of a hidden gem- so you can always expect it to be fairly quiet.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Rockaway Beach is where the mountains meet the sea. If you love to explore, and have more of an adventurous vacation, then this is the vacation spot for you!

Here, there is plenty of exploring to do. Between exploring the rocky beaches, walking through the redwood forest (just a short drive away), and so much more, you certainly will not be bored. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, and one you should really consider this winter.

Mountain Destinations

Yellowstone National Park

If you enjoy RV travel, at some point or another you have to check out some of the country’s most world-famous destinations. One of the locations that draws millions of tourists and travelers a year is Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone is truly a winter wonderland in the colder months, where you can even hope to see wild elk and other wildlife from the comfort of your RV. There are plenty of places to park up and stay, and so many hikes to go on throughout the national park area.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

Those who love to hike are going to find plenty of amazing trails to follow in the White Mountains, with some amazing views to park your RV up at too.

There are also a number of truly legendary attractions, such as the Loon Mountain Resort, which has glacial caves, a zipline over the Pemigewasset River, and more.

Bryce Canyon, UT

One of America’s unique kinds of landscape has to be her canyons, and one of the most stunning of these is at Bryce Canyon in Utah.

If you want to go hiking in the snow and see some of the world’s most amazing vistas, you really need look no further.

Other Destinations

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Many RV vacation spots have had to close this year due to COVID, but Starved Rock is still very much open.

The main attraction at Starved Rock State Park is the opportunity for hunting deer and other similar animals, so if that sounds like something you could enjoy, you know where to go.

Crooked River State Park, Georgia

This state park has a beautiful maritime forest, a number of top of the range campsites to park your RV up at, and great hikes! Hikers going through the salt marshes might even be able to see some gopher turtles!

Yuma, Arizona

If you wish to immerse yourself in some really rich culture and heritage, then Yuma could be the vacation place for you.

This beautiful area boasts centuries of history, and it’s a place where the sun shines 310 days a year- so it’s perfect if you are a real outdoors person and want to spend plenty of time outdoors, even in the depths of winter.

Keep yourself comfortable amidst your RV travels by making upgrades to your RV, such as purchasing a custom mattress. The better downtime you have, the more fun you’ll be able to have, too.