Do You Really Need a Box Spring for Your Bed?

All mattresses benefit from having a solid foundation beneath them. Many factors determine what kind of foundation your bed needs- whether it is platform bed, box spring, or something in between.  A box spring support is designed with the intent of raising the mattress and protecting it. The box spring equally absorbs shock, improves airflow, and provides underlying support. Today, for most modern andcustom mattresses, a box spring is not necessary. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if you need it or not.

Do you need a box spring?

Whether or not you need a box spring for your mattress depends on some factors. Those who require a box spring include:

Collapsible metal frame users

Box springs are popular with people who use collapsible bed frames because they add extra support to keep you comfortable and extend your mattress’s lifespan. In this case, box springs are essential because these collapsible frames create a mattress outline but lack reinforcement slats to provide complete mattress support. Users of platform bed frames, adjustable beds, and metal bed frames that have slats do not require a box spring.

People in need of additional height

Additional height under your bed makes it easier to get into and out of bed, which can be helpful if you are older or have injuries/ ailments. The additional height will assist you to slide off the bed every morning without straining your body.  A mattress that is too low will stress your joints, affecting your knees, ankles, and hips. So, if you’re placing your mattress on the floor and experiencing back pains, a box spring is a key requirement to give you the extra height that will help your joint pain. Additionally, elevating your memory foam or custom mattress will provide the necessary airflow in order to keep your mattress cool.

People in need of extra mattress support

A box spring is a crucial investment for spring mattress users; they give extra support and distribute equal weight across the mattress. Box springs have many layers of springy coils that increase firmness and allow the mattress to lay flat.  Box springs provide overall weight distribution for your joints by absorbing the weight and taking away tension off the mattress.  Always check with the manufacturer for recommendations to ensure your mattress is both comfortable and used correctly. You can most likely find the information on what kind of foundation you should pair your mattress with on your mattress company’s website. If a box spring is among the recommendations, purchasing one will give your mattress the necessary support for it to be long-lasting and supportive. Additionally, If you fail to pair your mattress with the recommended kind of bed frame, foundation, or bed, many companies will void the warranty because you failed to provide the care necessary for your mattress to last successfully. Do not use a box spring in the following circumstances:
  • If you have a new hybrid, latex, memory foam, or custom mattress. Manufacturers do not recommend its use in this case because it causes sagging and eventual damage.
  • If you prefer the functionality or style of wood foundation, platform bed, or other softer bed setup.

Cons of using a box spring

Can be noisy

The elements used in a box spring’s construction, for example, coils, metal, and wood, will make it noisy with time. The metal starts to rub against the wood, causing a squeaking sound whenever you move. The noise may not bother you, but for a sensitive or light sleeper, it will be a nightmare. However, depending on the quality of your particular box spring, you may not notice the noise. You can soundproof the noise depending on your preference, but this could turn out to be more work than you’d like.

Difficult to move

Box springs are cumbersome and heavy to move, especially if you are elderly or living alone. To provide support, they need to be heavy, making it impossible to move one by yourself. In the case where you need to shift houses often, this will be a disadvantage. It will be near impossible without the help of friends or movers.

Can cause your sleep set up to be too firm

Box springs provide extra support layers, but they will not be ideal for everyone. They can cause extra firmness that will not suit you, but it is different for everyone depending on your preference. If you already have a box spring, ensure you read the mattress recommendations before making a purchase. Fortunately, many models offer a sleep trial period and warranty.

Bottom Line

 A box spring is not always necessary for your bed; it depends on many factors. You will need one if you require extra support, need additional height, or using a collapsible metal bed frame. However, if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it, avoid its use to prevent damage to your mattress. Although a box spring is advantageous, it can be noisy and too firm. Also, it may be heavy if you’re a senior or living alone and require to move the bed.